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Who would benefit from Microblading?

  • Those who have very little or no time to apply makeup each morning or throughout the day.
  • Those who do a lot of swimming, running or aerobics & want to look effortlessly good all the time.
  • Those who like to look healthier, younger and their best at all times.
  • Those who would like immediate results and achieve realistic looking brows.
  • Anyone who wants to divert one’s eye from any imperfections.
  • Those with sparse hair growth or over plucked eyebrows lacking shape and definition.
  • Those with little confidence in applying makeup due to eyesight difficulties.
  • Those who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia.
  • Those who would like to benefit from a nonsurgical lifting effect or who feel their eyes have lost their vitality.

Who is not suitable for Microblading?

Pregnant or nursing – History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring – Diabetic (require doctor’s clearance)  – Chemotherapy (once finished consult your doctor) – Viral infections or diseases – Epilepsy – Pacemaker or major heart problems or conditions Organ transplant – Skin irritations near treated area (psoriasis, eczema, moles, keratosis, seborrhoea dermatitis, rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) – Extremely oily skin, Sick (cold, flu, etc.) – Botox in the past 4 weeks  – Accutane in the past year, Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure – Poor general health – People with prior permanent makeup may not be good candidates (determined by consultation)

How long will Microblading last?

The pigment used in microblading is semi-permanent and can last between 1-2 years. The pigment will begin to fade within 12 months. In order to keep your brows looking fresh, a colour boost is recommended every 12 months to 18 months maximum. Skincare routine will also affect the lasting effect of the pigment: patients who tan, uses products with AHA or Glycolic Acid with fade faster as your skin will resurface faster. Each individual’s color retention within the skin will vary. To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch up is suggested every 12-18 months. Clients can let the microbladed area fade over time, but please note a slight shadow may remain.

Is the touch up neccessary?

Absolutely Yes! A touch up session after 4-6 weeks is necessary as everyone heals differently and outcome will vary. Certain areas may fade away after first session and will need to be refilled.  Pigment colour may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added. Individuals with oily skin often require a deeper shade during the touch up session as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. Most importantly, your touch up session is when we refine your brows to ensure it looks perfect and retains the colour for the whole year.

Will you shave my eyebrows off before the treatment?

Oh Dear! Of course NOT! Please do not tweeze, thread, wax or modify your eyebrows in any way for few weeks prior your scheduled appointment. The beginning of your service includes a brief consultation, followed by shaping and finally a discussion about colour. Your regular brow maintenance of tweezing, threading, waxing and/or tinting may continue once the brows have healed.

How will I look immediately after Microblading?

Absolutely stunning I can reassure you on that. Your brows will appear darker and more intense than expected for the first week or so. Don’t worry they will gradually lighten up during the complete healing process. Redness and swelling is minimal.

Will my microbladed eyebrows look fake?

NO! Microblading will transform your face, by creating your eyebrows strand by strand, for the most natural looking 3D like results, perfectly balanced giving you very soft look as authentic as possible which resembles a true eyebrow hair. Unlike the eyebrow tattoos of yesterday, microblading is an advanced technique where minimal amounts of ink are delivered onto the skin via blade, tiny stroke by tiny stroke. The end result? A much more natural look—feathered, and a softer appearance that won’t reduce to strange blues or greens as time goes by. Your new hair stroke semi permanent brows, will look much more real than topically applied cosmetics  you might be using at the moment.

Can you microblade over an existing brow tattoo?

It depends. Microblading can be done over an existing brow tattoo, however the old tattoo must be significantly faded to a maximum of 30% of initial colour for the hair strokes to show through and look natural. I am extremely selective when working over other tattoo artist’s work. If you have had your eyebrows previously tattooed, I request that you text or email me clear photos of your brows for approval at karolina@be-you-tify.co.uk to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity so some of you will feel a bit of discomfort during the first pass. But the good news is that on a scale of one to ten, most people only rate the feeling at a three. A skin numbing cream is used throughout your session to ensure your comfort so you might feel light scratching or nothing at all. Clients are usually pleased to discover that it is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed or threaded. Having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may increase discomfort during your procedure. If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, be aware that this may affect your sensitivity tolerance. If you are a frequent smoker, the topical anesthetics used during the treatment will not last as long.

Does pigment quality matter?

One of the biggest problems with a lot of pigments is low stability of yellow and black. From this reason brows can become red after 6-12 months. This is why I never cut corners when it comes to quality and use Phi Brows Pigments made in Germany. Those pigments are high end and do not contain illegal quantities of heavy metals like other pigments do. Please do your research on the type of pigments that other artists are using on your skin. Do your homework as this is one of the most important factors in both safety and achieving natural and long lasting stable brow colour.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Who would benefit the most from it?

  • Those who have very little or no time to apply makeup each morning or throughout the day.
  • Those who do a lot of swimming, running or aerobics or simply want to look their best at all times with minimum effort.
  • It is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin using cosmetics every day.
  • Anyone who wants to divert one’s eye from any imperfections
  • Those with sparse hair growth or over plucked eyebrows lacking shape and definition.
  • Those with little confidence in applying makeup due to eyesight difficulties.
  • Those who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia.
  • Those who have lost their natural lip line, lip colour due to the ageing process.
  • Those who have trouble finding an eyeliner that won’t smear or stay in place throughout the day.
  • Those who would like to benefit from a nonsurgical lifting effect or who feel their eyes have lost their vitality.

Who is not suitable for semi-permenant makeup?

Pregnant or nursing – History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring –
Diabetic (require doctor’s clearance)  – Chemotherapy (once finished consult your doctor) –
Viral infections or diseases – Epilepsy -Pacemaker or major heart problems or conditions
Organ transplant – Skin irritations near the treated area (psoriasis, eczema, moles, keratosis, seborrhoea dermatitis, rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) – Extremely oily skin
Sick (cold, flu, etc.) – Botox in the past 4 weeks  – Accutane in the past year
Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure – Poor general health – People with prior permanent makeup may not be good candidates (determined by consultation)

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

Following the eyebrow treatment you may experience some redness and swelling, the pigment will appear darker and more defined but it will reduce by up to 60% once the skin has completely healed. If you are having an eyeliner treatment your eyes might be a bit puffy and sensitive. After a lip treatment, your lips will be swollen, so I advise not to make any social plans for a few days afterwards.

There’s nothing to worry about on this front. Whilst the semi-permanent makeup application is a form of tattooing, it’s not as invasive as the standard ink tattooing.

How long does it last?

This all depends on a variety of factors including your lifestyle, your skin type, environmental factors and simple genetics. Semi-permanent makeup uses colour pigmentation to create a beautiful yet natural effect that should last for 2-5 years. Whether that’s a defined eyeliner, perfect brows or a wash of colour to your lips. The benefits of this makeup are noticeable from the moment you get up and look in the mirror, and the effect stays with you from morning through to night. Refresher colour boosts every 12-24 months are recommended to keep the desired colour strength maintained.

Is it a tattoo?

Semi-permanent makeup is a completely safe and effective form of cosmetic tattooing implanted to the depth shallower than traditional tattoos, which is what makes it more ‘semi permanent’ as the pigment degrades over time, susceptible to the effects of sun and skin care regimes. Today’s techniques can achieve fine light lines of colour which can be subtly layered to create natural results indistinguishable from regular makeup. You can stop worrying about the idea of having harsh tattooed on make up lines which remain indelibly on the skin, turning an unnatural colour and looking increasing misplaced as the skin ages.

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance and skin types is different, so while some clients will feel some discomfort and a scratchy sensation, other won’t feel anything at all. I use numbing agents during all stages of treatment to keep discomfort to an absolute minimum. You should feel vibrations but no discomfort so the sensation is like an electric toothbrush being held against your skin. Try not to be so scared of the pain that you’re not willing to have the procedure done. I promise you, you’ll survive. My little advice is that you try to avoid having a treatment if you are pre or menstrual as the skin is far more sensitive during this time.

Will I look myself...only better?

Yes. Semi-permanent makeup is a specialised service offering you opportunity to look your best all the time. Not many people will notice you have had a cosmetic tattooing procedure, but everybody will notice that you do look fresher, prettier and more radiant. My work offers an effect that is incredibly subtle and natural giving you flawless results. Semi-permanent makeup will save you countless hours spent each year in applying your makeup. Forget forever about struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliner halfway straight.

What if I am nervous?

It’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous before your initial treatment, especially if you haven’t had any permanent makeup previously. I completely understand that this is a big step for a lot of clients and hope that you feel as at ease as possible. I am here for you not only before your appointment but during your healing process especially, so please don’t hesitate if you have any questions or concerns at all.


What are the benefits of Dermaplaning treatments?

  • Smoother, glossier and healthier skin
  • Corrects uneven or dull skin tone
  • Removes ‘Peach Fuzz’ and fluffy facial hair
  • Helps to smooth and improve acne scarring
  • Great skin prepping which helps with blackheads removal
  • Generates new, fresher layer of skin.
  • Improves further treatment and products penetration
  • Perfects your makeup application
  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Am I right for this treatment?

Dermaplaning is recommended to all skin types, particularly effective on clients with a dry or rough skin texture as it helps to minimise acne scarring and uneven skin tone. It is also great for more mature skin, which usually has more buildup of dead cells as cellular turnover slows down with age. Dermaplaning can also help with concerns of fine lines and superficial hyper-pigmentation. The treatment  is safe for pregnant or lactating clients who cannot have chemical peels. It not suitable treatment to those with very oily skin or active acne, as well as anyone with thick, dark facial hair.

Is it safe?

Absolutely yes it is. Some might call it a microdermabrasion for sensitive skin,, utilising manual not mechanical skin resurfacing  for even the most delicate skin types that may not tolerate aggressive resurfacing procedures. This very safe method of exfoliation uses a surgical scalpel to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells together with the vellus hair to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion immediately.

Will it make the hair on my face grow back thicker and darker?

No, Dermaplaning will not interfere with the follicular structure of the hair, so it won’t alter hair growth whatsoever. There are different types of hair that grow on the body, vellus hair and terminal hair.Unlike terminal hair (think eyebrows), vellus hair has no appearance of a blunt end when shaved. This is often where the “thicker” looking aspect of hair growth comes from – the blunt end created by slicing the follicle. Dermaplaning is not used on the terminal hair because of that the soft and fine vellus hair grows back exactly at the same rate and texture but it would take sometimes months until it will grow back to the same length as before the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The results of one treatment can last up to four weeks. Each treatment removes three weeks of dead skin cells, so your healthy glow will last the entire month. As our skin cells are constantly growing and dying, you can schedule a monthly appointment to maintain spectacular results.

Is Dermaplaning painful?

No. Not a bit. Although Dermaplaning can sound quite daunting, it really isn’t dangerous or painful, assuming that you’re in the hands of a qualified professional. Yes, this is the blade that they use in surgery. But no, don’t worry you won’t be cut open. The blade will be lightly pulled across the skin allowing only dead skin and hair to be removed.

What does Dermaplaning feel like?

You will be extremely surprised as during Deluxe Dermaplaning you will be absolutely pampered as this is actually quite a therapeutic and incredibly relaxing treatment.

How long does a Dermaplaning treatment take?

Deluxe Dermaplaning treatments usually take approximately 1h 20minutes.

What are the side effects of a Dermplaning treatment?

Other than slightly pink skin, there are no negative side effects of dermaplaning treatments. However, your skin will be ultra sensitive to sun exposure. It is wise to stay out of direct sunlight and use appropriate sun protection to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

How should I care for my skin after a Dermaplaning service?

After a Dermaplaning treatment your skin needs time to heal and restore. Treat the skin gently, using only hands to cleanse for at least 2 days. Avoid touching your skin during the day. Don’t wear makeup for 24h. Remember that after the treatment, your skin will be highly sensitive to sun exposure and may look pink, so be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 or higher to reduce the risk of hyper-pigmentation.

Are there clients who are not suitable for Dermaplaning?

  • Those undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Have an uncontrolled bleeding problem.
  • Active or cystic acne or those who have taken Accutane within the past year
  • Those with an excessive production of sebaceous gland oil. Sebaceous glands excrete oil along the vellus hair. If the hair is removed, the oils may cause bacteria growth that can stimulate acne breakouts.


What does LVL stand for?

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift and is a revolutionary eye treatment based on using your own natural lashes to create a spectacular lengthening wide eyed look that will also give your lashes a voluminous lifted appearance.

What is the difference between LVL & a perm?

The main difference between a LVL lash treatment and an eyelash perm is that, unlike perming, LVL doesn’t curl the lashes. Unlike a perm rod, the silicone shield will straighten and lift from the root, thus creating the lengthening.

A curl will curve back on itself loosing the all important length. Also as no solution is applied on the tip of the lash, there will be no damage or potential frizzing or frying to your natural lash. It just creates a natural healthy look.

What is the difference between an LVL lash treatment & an eyelash extension?

Eyelash extensions are great if you want a party look all year round. However, as we are all very busy with our lives, having extensions takes up time, as it requires continuous maintenance to look great, not to mention a cost.

Can I have lash extensions and LVL?

Yes. You can have lash extensions added to your LVL Lashes. In fact, LVL treatments are particularly good for people who want lash extensions, but have downward pointing lashes. Lash extensions can cause downward pointing lashes to lower even further. With LVL they can get the essential lift they need before the extensions are added. Don’t forget though you must wait 48 hours after an LVL treatment before having lash extensions applied.

Is it safe? Will LVL hurt or damage my lashes?

LVL treatment is not painful at all. The whole process is designed to be gentle and relaxing and you should leave feeling ultra confident and glamorous with your new look lashes. LVL does not curl, frizz or fry your lashes like perming often does, it simply provides a healthy looking lift. Remember that prior to your first lvl treatment you must complete a patch test to check for any sensitivity to the products used. This must be completed a minimum of 48 hours prior to your treatment.

How long will the effects last?

LVL lashes will last between 6-8 weeks, and will look great all the time without any thought or time put into it. The choice is yours use a bit of mascara for a WOW night time effect or just au natural for the day time look.

Who should have LVL lashes

All of you should try it , honestly you will fall in love in your lashes after this enhancement. LVL lash treatments can benefit anyone who prefer a low maintenance regime or for those who wants wider, brighter, more feminine eyes. However, this particular lash treatment is especially effective for people who have very small eyelids, downwards growing straight eyelashes or those with pale and delicate lashes. This treatment is incredibly beneficial for eyes with natural long and straight lashes too.

I wear contact lenses, should I take them out before my treatment?

All of the Nouveau Lash treatments are suitable for those who wear contact lenses. I do however recommend removing contact lenses before treatments if possible.

What is the after care for an LVL lash treatment?

You need to take particular care of your lashes for the first 24 hours as this is how long it takes for LVL lashes to set into place. For the first 24 hours please ensure you follow the advice below.

  • Don’t get the eyelashes wet
  • Don’t rub your eyes/eyelashes.Don’t apply creams to the eye area
  • Don’t apply mascara.
  • Don’t go swimming
  • Don’t sleep on your eyelashes
  • Don’t use a sauna, steam room or facial steamer for 48 hours.

Who is this procedure NOT good for?

Chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, damaged lashes or lashes with gaps (this treatment may make the gaps more noticeable), active eye infections of any kind, trichotillomania (habitual pulling out of lashes), recent chemotherapy treatments (you will need to wait at least a year from your last treatment. When in doubt, always consult with your physician.) pregnancy.

Lash Extensions

How do I choose the look?

Whether you choose Classic Lash Extensions for a more natural look or a little more density with Russian Volume technique, you will leave with lashes that are seamless, beautiful and long lasting. Nouveau Lashes are available in number of lengths, curves and thicknesses, but I will consult with you to see what style best suits your eyes, lifestyle or occasion.

How should I expect my lash extensions to feel?

To the untrained eye, no one will know you’re cheating on your natural lashes. Gone are the days of mascara clumps… Your lashes will be very comfortable, separated just perfect.

You should not feel any pain or discomfort in or around your eyes after the procedure – this is not normal!

How long will Lash Extensions take?

A full application of Nouveau Lashes will take a minimum of 1,5 to 2,5h depending on the choosing style. Maintenance procedures will take around 45 minutes to 90min, depending on how many lashes has been lost during their natural lash cycle.

How long do semi permanent lashes last?

The average life cycle of a single natural lash is 90 days. The maximum time Nouveau Lashes last is up to 2 months as they grow out with your natural lashes. It is all depending on quality of your own lashes, initial style of lash extensions and mostly from your aftercare.

Why do you have to have maintenance?

Performed regularly, it will keep your lashes looking healthy, full and luscious. Touch up session is required due the natural eyelash replenishment cycle. This cycle varies from person to person. This is why you need to have infills every 2-3 weeks if you want your Nouveau Lash extensions to last and look fabulous.

What is the difference between eyelash extensions and LVL?

Extensions are individual or custom fanned lashes applied to your own lashes to enhance them, where as LVL is a specialised treatment applied to your own lashes which makes them lift and lengthen.

What is the difference between lash extensions and party lashes?

Lash extensions are individual or hand fanned high quality lashes attached to your own lashes. Cluster lashes are made up of 3-4 strands fanning out from a “bulb” glued on to your skin.

Party lashes are more difficult to blend in with your natural lash line this is why they give you more prominent and less subtle finish.

Do eyelash extensions damage your lashes?

This is my most commonly asked question, and put simply, no they do not. I care about your lashes so please do not worry this treatment is absolutely safe. Lash health will all come down to maintenance and aftercare, as long as you take care of your lash extensions your natural lashes will be be in perfect condition when removed.

Will it hurt?

Absolutely no. When correctly applied, lash extensions should never hurt. Extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not touching the skin, so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort . With your eyes closed, you may even find the treatment so relaxing that you fall asleep. Well, you wouldn’t be the first…

What if I wear contact lenses?

The treatment does not affect your contact lenses in anyway whatsoever. Contact lenses are removed during the application procedure as a general precaution, but there is no reason why contact lenses cannot be worn directly after application and throughout the life of your eyelash extensions.

How are they removed ?

They will fall out after the normal lash life cycle or can be professionally removed with an special adhesive remover. No damage is caused to your own lashes. The lashes are applied in view of them staying on for 4-6 weeks on average, therefore the removal process while easy for a professional should not be undertaken by a customer. There is a special professional remover that is a salon only product and used correctly will remove the lashes with ease and without damaging the natural lash.

Can I still wear eye make up afterwards?

There is no need to wear mascara afterwards, however if you do still want to use it on your bottom lashes that is fine. There is no problem at all using eyeliner and eye shadow but please exercise care when removing. Do not use any oil based eye make up remover.

Can I get my eyelashes tinted?

You can get your lashes tinted before the procedure but not after, it is recommended to have them tinted if you have very light pale lashes, as this will darken the root and blend in with the lash extension.

Do I need to prep my lashes before I come in?

Yes, please! Make sure your eyelashes are squeaky clean, no traces of eye makeup prior to your appointment. Use an oil free make up remover if possible, and rinse well. Any traces of oil or makeup (especially mascara!) will create a barrier between the adhesive and your natural lashes, causing your extensions to drop off prematurely.

What is the aftercare for lash extensions?

Lash extensions require care, you need to be conscious of looking after them to keep them looking as beautiful as possible. First rule is to avoid wetting or steaming your lashes for the first 48 hours and avoiding eye creams, oily products and mascara on the lashes. Washing lashes is important and helps them last longer, I recommend doing this 2-3 times a week using Johnson’s baby shampoo. Combing lashes also keeps them looking fluffy and in order so you will be supplied with appropriate brush after your appointment. Only run a lash wand or brush through your extensions gently. If they are getting a little unruly, you may also separate and tidy your lashes using a toothpick, ideally after a shower. I strongly recommend trying to avoid sleeping on or manipulating lashes, avoiding picking/ touching lashes excessively, and avoiding steam and saunas for maximum protection of the lashes. Planning your holiday lashes bare in mind humidity on the airplane can affect them during the first 48 hours.

What are the contraindications to lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions treatment has a number of contraindications, read carefully before you make an appointment.

  • Any allergic reactions which are followed by hyper sensibility of eyes during the treatment (for example, a seasonal allergy, watery and sensitive eyes , Bells Palsy or any condition that makes closing eyes difficult)
  • Any disease/ disorder causing shaking, twitching or erratically movement of the eyes
  • Hormonal imbalance ( any problems with hormones, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding )
  • If you are currently taking antibiotics or any strong medication (eyelash extensions will not last due to the medication in the system)
  • Chemotherapy Treatments within the last 6 months (medication for chemotherapy may cause a reaction to the materials used for eyelash extensions )
  • Blephoroplasty (must wait 6 months post-op for medical consent) Eyes may have sensitivity to eyelash extensions
  • Weak, thin eyelashes ( to improve your eyelash thickness first we will recommend lash grow enhancement products review after 2 month)
  • If you have dry skin around your eyes area – (such skin requires daily rich moisturising products, because of that your extensions may be affect and fall out quicker)
  • In you have extremely oil skin and hair- (natural oils will break-down the adhesives used to bond the eyelash extensions causing the eyelash extensions to fall out)
  • reaction to Patch Test
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Hordeolum/ Styes
  • Blepharitis
  • Alopecia
  • Corneal Disease
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Glaucoma

Non Surgical Face Lift

What is Non Surgical Face Lifting?

This lifting facial is a type of skin tightening procedure which helps to tighten and tone the skin, so as to bring back the suppleness of your skin. This is a treatment where a machine sends electrical impulses of very low voltage but high frequency through the skin. This has two pronged effects on the skin – it triggers cell production, thus, leading to formation of new layers of skin which can replace the damaged ones on the surface. It also leads to stimulation of collagen formation and remodelling which helps to tighten the existing layers of skin.

How does the non surgical lift work?

First part of the treatment helps with the lymphatic drainage. The easiest way to explain the second part is to imagine doing workout on your facial muscles without the sweat by generating a slight amount of vibration. This is what helps to tone the muscles and tighten the skin. This type of therapy is used to not only reverse signs of ageing but also to  prevent the formation of frown lines and lost muscle tone.

Benefits of a lifting facial?

Due to the mini workout that is rendered to the facial muscles, micro-current sculpting helps to improve the tone of the facial muscles and also improves the blood circulation. Non surgical lift leaves you with a firmer, slimmer face and neck, tighter, firmer brows and uplifted mouth and cheeks. Due to the significant improvement in muscle tone, the skin looks tighter and more supple. Microcurrent Facial sculpting also leads to lymphatic drainage and helps to prevent the face from looking swollen due to the edema.

Will I get instant results?

Yes. Even one procedure offers noticeable results and effectively gives you the benefit of a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. Lifting and strengthening actions build tone through the cumulative effect of treatment series. With repeated sessions, facial muscles will hold their memory tone.

Why do I need to do facial bootcamp?

Like exercise for the other parts of the body, the facial muscles need a regular workout to achieve good muscle tone. Like the stomach muscles will re-tone after repeated sessions of sit-ups, non surgical lift is re-educating your facial muscles, so it is crucial that you receive a series of treatments to reach their full potential.

For the maximum results I would usually prescribe it in the series of 6 to 10 treatments with one to two treatments a week. The number of sessions in a series is specific to each client.

How long should I expect the results to last?

You cosmetic investment is preserved as long as you are receiving booster treatments every 4 but not exceeding 6 weeks after the initial treatment span. If you stop booster treatments, you risk losing the muscle memory after about 3-4 months and will have to start a new treatment span again to regain the original youthful look.

Is the non surgical lift procedure safe?

The system is completely safe and completely non invasive. The current is extremely low, less then the output of a pacemaker. The system operates on a pre programmed setting as well as optimal performance and results for the machine operator.

How long is the treatment?

Non surgical lift is known as the Red Carpet Treatment or the Lunchtime Lift for its immediate effects and no downtime. It is the most effective treatment before any important event. It only takes 30-40 minutes, but for the even greater results can be combined with other anti-aging treatments.

Will it be painful?

This procedure is not painful. Some clients experience a tingling sensation during the session. Also might have some lights behind the eyes. Most find it comforting, relaxing, soothing and often fall asleep.

What will happen to my face if I stop the sessions?

The answer is very simple. When you stop exercising the body, over a period of time the muscle will lose their increased tone and return to a more flaccid state. The same is true for the face. It will not suddenly “fall,” but overtime will begin to resume its normal ageing process.

In what circumstances is non surgical lift not advised?

Treatment is not advised if you have any of the following conditions: Active cancer, undergoing chemotherapy or immune therapy,pregnancy, epilepsy, uncontrolled diabetes, heart condition/cardiac pacemaker, thrombosis, facial implants or brace wearers , skin disease, skin lesions, recent surgery (performed within the last 6 months), Areas being treated with Botox (wait 2-3 months ) or dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks) should be avoided. Note: Anti-depressants, high blood pressure and other muscle relaxants may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.